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        Tutoring Services LLC serves as an intervention that enhances learning effectiveness, strengthens school instructions and methods for learning, and empowers students to become self-reliant learners. Our company consists of a team of committed and qualified tutors who are ready to help students who are academically challenged, or those who want to advance in their knowledge and skills ahead of others, and even those who are getting ready for examinations but need rigorous study training. Our instructors use effective learning strategies are used to help these students orm good study habits that will make them confident and self-sufficient learners in their school.  Our instructors can come directly to student's home in Greenwich CT and help students with their math or science, or english subject homework.

Study guides and other printed learning materials are produced to complement learning experience and to help examinees prepare for exams.

          Aside from helping them in their academic goals, tutors will guide them to bring their potential to the fullest that will motivate them to perform better and independently. We also believe in the ability of the individual for advanced learning and improve skills and achieve certain career. For those who want to pursue teaching careers, we can help them prepare for their Praxis II series of examinations through tutorials and learning materials like Praxis II test prep, exam secrets and study guides.  We also help students not only in academic subjects but in computer subjects and even have breakdancing program for kids in Greenwich CT Area.  Why not do both get an expert in math and in breakdancing directly from our site!

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 We service fairfield county CT and Westchester County NY for more about us visit our Fairfield Tutoring site.

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We have many other sites that help students of CT and NY these are just some sites.  Example of city sites are, and many many many others. We are the fastest growing company in CT and NY area specializing in affordable educational solutions for students in Greenwich CT and for teachers of America.  We have tons and tons of educational sites, our purpose is simple help parents of Greenwich save money on education.


Who created all of this educational network and provided such opportunity for Greenwich Students?

         Owner of Tutoring Services, LLC certified math teacher for the state of CT, enterpreneur and Network Consultant.  Owner leveraged concept of networking to create self driving business model, by interconnecting multiple services together to produce what you call today affordable education in the state of CT and NY.  Owner has created many different tutoring search engines, some of his search engines you will find on the internet are sites such as NetworkConsultant.NET (site interconnecting multiple IT consulting industries together in solidified visual search oriented engine)  or sites such as, and many other sites.  Owner spent most of his time researching educational strategies and landed his first job for the Stamford board of Education at the age of 16.  Currently owner of Tutoring Services, LLC operates following sites ocassionaly on part time basis owner talks to parents and students.  

Owner created variety of jobs for educators in educational sector and created methods for regular educators to make money part time helping american economy.  Created methods and other sites such as  and to help stuents find study guides, and resources and buy affordable books helping economy stat green and helping save trees.  Owner of this gives breakdance lessons for hobby has his own crew in breakdancing and also teaches students IT computer networking for details you can visit IT training section of NetworkConsultant.NET site.

Tutoring Services, LLC company was born from a single mission provide FREE service and expended into multiple directions.

We curently have educators working with us who help with match making process, our educators specialize in mathematics and science and other subjects. Each educator can help with the process of selecting the right tutor when hiring them.  What differentiates us the most is that we can focus on multiple subjects where dedicated expert can assist in vetting tutors who enroll into our tutoring and provide higher level of assurance and match.   Our company is curerntly working on the following projects.

  • Test Prep Engine
  • Course Engine
  • Pre Test and Post Test Engine
  • Online Tutoring Engine
  • Math Engine
  • Workshop Engine
  • Study Guide Engine

What makes us different is that we can bring together all of the functions that educators are looking for and mix it in one solution, giving flexibility for local and online tutors to make money while providing high quality tutoring match.  Other companies seem to fail to provide that, and we focused on such solutions because it makes sense and keeps educational costs law, giving us competitive edge in the industry of education.  Thereby helping students of Greenwich CT get quality tutoring for their money spent.

Want your son or daughter to be tutored by the owner?  Contact phone number on top right corner and request for owner. 


What we can do


Home and Online Tutoring

Our competent tutors in Greenwich CT can help the students from various academic levels that need help preparing for their academic subjects, those who want to advance in their knowledge, and those who are getting ready for examinations.

We assist students in identifying academic needs and goals to match with our tutors who can help them achieve their educational goals. These friendly and efficient tutors has the ability to mentor various subjects namely Math, Algebra, Physics, Biology, English, Chemistry, History, to name a few. They can handle tutorial services from elementary to college levels. They extend their help by providing homework help but guiding them to develop good study habits so that they will be able to learn to do their school tasks independently.

Apart from mentoring basic and secondary levels, our tutors are also willing to help the examinees for Praxis II exams, SAT, GMAT, and GRE with the use of printed learning materials such as study guides, test prep, and exam secrets.

Techniques are also used to primarily help students develop good study habits to improve their attitude towards learning and develop confidence to work independently and perform well in school. Our tutors will assist them to recognize their capacity to study and solve problems on their own.

The pre-selection of our tutors involves online background check and verification of their records for our clients’ reference and for safe tutoring.

Students can select between online and home-based tutoring services, obviously there are trade offs in each type of service.


Our Edu Products and Services

Supplemental learning materials are available which can be utilized during tutoring or review sessions and they are sold at reasonable prices. We have study guides and test prep for Praxis II exams including GMAT, GRE, SAT. We also offer used college books and algebrator software.

Finally, our tutoring services is dedicated in forming dynamic and self-reliant learners who are capable and confident in performing their school tasks, solving problems, and applying their skills in appropriate life situations. Better individual ratings will contribute to increasing the school’s ratings.

We will be very happy to discuss with you how our tutors in Greenwich CT can help you achieve your educational goals. Contact us now1

Once again, we welcome you to Tutoring Services LLC- where learning is made easy, simple yet exciting!

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General Info About us:

We are Connecticut based company with operating business sector in Tutoring industry, match making, online and home tutoring, advertisement, study guide publishing, teacher test prep services and school services, books selling and buying.