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Don't have money to hire local tutor in Greenwich CT why not hire online tutor?

We realize that you may be in the process of looking for a local tutor in math, science, biology, chemistry, physics, Reading/Writing, or any other subject. However, sometimes good tutors simply don't exist locally, which is why in many cases it makes sense to hire an online tutor.  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC helps local Greenwich CT parents/students get matched with an online tutor as an alternative method of learning to traditional local face to face private at home tutoring. 


So why some parents hire online tutors instead of local?

Reason is simple, although local tutors can be great idea, often they are just way too expensive, especially when agency recurring fee is involved from every hourly rate that tutor teaches.   In our case, there happens to be small agency recurring fee that is involved from every hour our tutor teaches student directly in Greenwich CT at student's home. 

Although this fee is no where near to the fees you would find other agencies charge, it's still is a fee and makes tutoring rate a bit more expensive, in comparison to simply hiring a tutor on your own without an agency recurring fee such as trough our sister site where you can get your tutor without recurring agency fees and even get your first lesson for only $15, where that $15 would go towards our Agency to help us maintain the site and in exchange you would get personal contact info of the tutor and work with such tutor direct. 

That option is also sitting here on the table for you Greenwich CT resident in case if you really can't afford small agency recurring fee and get the help of an agency to help you find the tutor rather then trying to find tutor by your self and end up putting your self or your son or daughter at greater risk of getting someone to become your tutor who is either not qualified or not adequate or worse.  However, even with the agency recurring fee waved, price for a local tutor in Greenwich CT is still expensive, a heck of a lot more expensive than hiring online tutor!    If pricing is an issue and you are on super budget and can't afford local tutor, than we definitely recommend getting an online tutor.   We have 2 types of online tutors,

Type 1.  Agency Managed Independent  Online Tutor

Type 1 type of tutor is simply higher quality, because they are held responsible for their quality and actions.  This type of tutor is interviewed by the agency, whose credentials are reviewed, and agency helps such tutors get matched with students, agency recurring fee is involved, such tutors are more expensive than non-managed tutors, but at the same such tutors are higher quality.  Reason for that is simple, agency managed tutors are provided with bigger incentive then non agency managed tutors therefore when such agency managed online tutors deliver their lesson, they make sure that these lessons are high quality.  

Take a look at our google plus page to see what we offer to our online agency managed tutors.  Our online agency managed tutors are not only tutors but actual authors and test preparation experts, who also happen to create study guides for our company and this greatly differtiates them from typical online tutors that you find on the internet.  

Also our agency runs background check on such tutors, verifies their credentials and even offers them methods to make money.  Such tutors are top notch and therefore charge more money due to the fact that we select the best of the best breed type of online tutors. Also we use our site the same site that we leverage for local tutors to properly present our online tutors on our portal, making it possible for our online tutors to offer discount packages helping Greenwich CT parents save money, while helping our online tutors get differentiated as well. 

You can also talk to an agent and we would help Greenwich CT parents get matched with such online agency managed tutors and can even help you get matched with both, local Greenwich CT tutors and online in case if you want for your son and daughter supplementary method of prep.   Some parents combine both online and local for the best learning effectiviness while keeping costs affordable! To hire online agency managed tutor call from the phone number on top right corner.  

Major advantage of our agency managed tutors

Also agency managed tutors often have supplementary study guides or additional materials that they can leverage during online meeting, helping them provide tutoring lessons way more effectively than the type of tutors who are independent and are not backed up by our agency!  Also type 1 tutors (i.e agency managed online tutors) are more specialized in specific test prep subject.  For example we have tutors who are biology certified subject matter experts, who created study guides for Biology for example for this product called BioBooster, helping educators become certified teachers by preparing for the test effectively who are specialized for a particular exam such as Praxis 2 Biology Content Knowledge 5235 exam.  What that means is that they are not only experts in preparing content for this particular exam and knowing everything about this particular exam, but they also happen to provide tutoring lessons online.  

Agency managed online tutors are more specialized than non agency managed tutors

This makes them extremely specialized and high quality experts, who not only created study guides to help students prepare for an exam such as Praxis 2 Biology Content Knowledge 5235, but also happen to be online agency managed tutors.  Such type of tutors are obviously more expensive, reason for that is simply because they are specialized, and because they are managed by our agency and responsible for the subjects they teach (for example check out how we leverage our independent agency managed tutors as part of our diagnostic study system for biology subject called "BioBooster").  In comparsion to independent tutors who you find on the internet our tutors truly do not want to let the customer down!   What you see other tutoring agencies do is simply make their tutors take tests, then if tutor does well on the test... that tutor is certified!  

How do we certify our agency manged tutors as subject matter experts?

Well in our case... we do the opposite.... we do not believe in simply making tutor take the test and call such tutor certified!  We believe in expert being and expert if they create a study guide and managed to relay information in that study guide to the student in such a way that is clear and concise and easy to understand.  This is what we define certified!   This is the true test, in comparison to what other agencies do where they make tutors take the test in 100 subjects and out of a suddent tutor cheated on all 100 of them and ended up being certified.  This is only misleading to parents and students, non functional and completely not right!    

So to summarize why our managed online tutors are more responsible in comparison to any other tutors you find in any other agency? Simply because they are incentivized, in a way where we give them methods to make money, methods that can help them make money from doing multiple things, and getting that stream of revenue.  

Our agency managed online tutors are incentivized and as a result provide online quality tutoring services for students in Greenwich CT

To get that stream of revenue tutors are willing to provide quality.  Why?  Well because such agency online managed tutors realize that not only are they tutoring, but also getting incentives from doing other things such as making money from creating study guides on fixed cost basis for a particular exam, and making money from each sale of such study guide and associated pre-tests and post-tests as part of what we call "Diagnostic Study System".

Our agency managed online tutors are adverised more agressively 

In addition to that our agency managed online tutors are more agressively advertised than independent non agency managed tutors, giving them even more incentives and possibility to make money.  The more reward we provide to such tutors the higher the quality our tutors can provide and wanting and willing to provide.   

Providing such methods of incentives does not only make tutors responsible, but also even makes them experts! In another words, think of such agency managed tutors as the type of tutors who are going through intensive training, except training is designed not to train tutor how to teach students, but designed to get the tutor to create online study guide that can relay concepts which can be easily understood by student in self guided settings, and in the process of creating such study guides develop greate level of knowledge and subject matter expertise and being able to leverage the very same materials created during the tutoring lesson, making entire concept of learning for the student extremely effective.    

Plus getting tutor to do the opposite instead of taking the test to prove his/her expertise, and instead getting the tutor to create study guide and help such tutor sell this study guide online and help such agency managed online tutor make money, makes tutor be willing to work even harder putting his/her efforts into creation of such study guide, resulting in such tutor becoming in subject matter expert for the particular exam for which the study guide is created and leveraging such tutor's expertise during online tutoring lesson.   

In Summary Online agency managed tutors are better experts, more reliable and more specialized

Hence what our agency in summary does for online agency managed tutors is a heck of a lot more then what we do for our non agency managed tutors, as the result of that our agency online managed tutors make more money, and yes they charge more money and yes they also happen to be better subject matter experts and more suitable for online tutoring than any other tutor you may find anywhere online.  Therefore such agency managed tutors are more expensive and obviously we charge agency recurring fee from every hour such tutors teach.  Take a look at one of our study guides that is created by our agency online managed tutor for Praxis Core Math exam.

To see what we mean when we have tutors who create study guides.  In this example, you see praxis math core study guide, that is created by online agency managed tutor.  Every time this study guide gets sold, tutor who created gets paid comission fee from each sale.  Our agency lists this study guide on our sister site StudyGuide.NET for a specific exam in this case it happens to be Praxis Math exam, test that many students in the state of CT who are trying to enter into school of education must take in order to get accepted into particular school.  So what does that mean? That means tutor who created, this study guide gets paid for every time such study guide gets sold, tutor gets paid for creating this study guide on fixed cost basis also.  

This results in tutor becoming an expert in preparation for Praxis Math Core exam, and translates into possibility for any student who is struggling in Math and who simply can't prepare for Praxis math exam on their own, and need help, being able to contact our agency online managed tutors and hire such tutors, where our company would match make such students with such online agency managed tutor who created such study guide.

In simple words, tutor who created study guide didn't only get paid on fixed cost basis to create study guide, but also happen to be in the position of creating additional stream of revenue every time study guide gets sold and in addition to that make money from helping students prepare for Praxis Math core exam online.  Students who are preparing for such exam are more likely to hire our agency online managed specialized tutor rather than hiring any other type of online tutor, simply because such tutors is specialized.  This is just on factor of the equation.

 The other factor of the equation even if our tutor is not specialized in specific exam, but happen to create study guide for another math exam, such tutor is still better for students to hire then any other tutor.  Simply because tutors who work with our agency as content creators are more inclined to being able to deliver online instructions to the student in a way that would help student to better understand particular concept or topic.  In simple word if we have a tutor who created math study guide for Praxis core math, that very same tutor can easily teach another math related exam. 


Type 2.  Non-Agency Managed Independent Online Tutor

Non agency managed independent online tutor is the type of tutor who you search for on our sister site on your own, no agency involved, no discount packages, no custom match, no person to talk to, no responsible for providing quality, and not backed up by incentives of a managed agency such as being paid on fixed cost basis for creating study guides and making money from not just tutoring but from the creation of such study guides and on recurring basis from every study guide sale.  Such type of tutors you can hire on your own, and pay only $15 for first trial lesson than work direct.   To find online independent non agency managed tutors simply visit our national sister site search for your tutor there.  

Such tutors are less expensive than agency managed tutors but are not backed up by our agency, not verified for background checks before tutoring session takes place and most certainly in many cases are not content creators.  Tutors who are content creators and online tutors often provide way higher quality tutoring session especially if it takes place online in comparison to tutors who simply teach online.  


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